Tattoo aftercare is so subjective these days with so many shops giving out their idea of healing care for your tattoo, selling you brands of healing cream/balms to suit themselves, what works for you may not be the best for the next person. From the use of creams, lotions, washing the tattoo, down to skin barriers, its all about how you will care for your new healing artwork. Since 2001 ive used every cream/balm/ointment out there, and used other peoples brands and even created my own. The simplest, cheapest and best method ive found is wash the tattoo religiously.

Keep the cling film on for at least 2 hours then remove it and wash the Tattoo in warm soapy water 4 times daily for 4 days, use clingfilm to barrier the tattoo from your clothes or bed while its still in its wet stage, for the next 3 days your tattoo will be wet as your body secretes plasma to create a scab. You need to wash away this plasma until your body stops producing it, for bedtime wrap the new tattoo in food grade clingfilm, this will stop your tattoo from sticking to your bedsheets and creating an infection. Do not soak your new tattoo in the bath as this will turn it to a mush and fade it.
Keep your new Tattoo clean and away from direct sunlight.
Do not pick the scabs from the tattoo or scratch the tattoo during healing.
Sunbeds and swimming baths will fade your new tattoo dramatically. Using creams and balms are good only when your tattoo is almost healed, plastering cream all over a new tattoo will only create problems and slow down your healing process.

If we have used a skin barrier "Dermalize" then leave this film on for upto 4 days then remove it in the shower, wash the tattoo 4 times a day until the tattoo has settled down, use a very light tattoo balm when the tattoo is almost healed.