Keep the dressing on for at least 3 hours then remove the dressing and wash the Tattoo in warm soapy water.
Pat dry with a clean towel and apply a thin layer of Bepanthen cream. Do not soak your new tattoo in the bath as this will turn it to a mush and fade it.
Wash the Tattoo at least three times a day applying a thin layer of Bepanthen cream each time for a week. Apply vitamin E cream or a mild moisturiser until the new skin has developed.
Keep your new Tattoo clean and away from direct sunlight.
Do not pick the scabs from the tattoo or scratch the tattoo during healing.
Sunbeds and swimming baths will fade your new tattoo dramatically,
use a sun block cream if you really have too but only after the tattoo is healed.

Bepanthen is probably the best thing on the market for healing tattoos, it stops scabbing, speeds up the healing time, prevents the tattoo from fading during healing and is a good barrier cream, available at Tescos, Asda, Boots and most chemists at around £2 for a 30mg tube.