A written history and collection of memoirs through Mikes eyes.

DONNINGTON SITE, June 21st 1993. First gig, (4 in the line up). Rick: guitar/ Mogsey: bass/ Si: drums/ Mike: vocals

SUMMARY: O.k. despite the dissapearing pedal!

We had just bought a P.A. for 110 quid , We blew up the speakers before we'd actually paid for it, tuning up, we blew another speaker up! Rick's guitar was to blame, an old Les Paul copy with wires like spaghetti hanging out the back, buzzing and whining noises! An old guitar that had obviously been on the curcuit for centuries! We played to an audience of about 30, all sat around a fire, 2 people danced. A few turned up from another site in Wales. After the set, people jammed on our instruments thus leading to Rick's Metal pedal mysteriously dissapearing and turning up again the next morning, We put it down to people wanting to get some sleep! We wanted to play on all night, Rick was pissed


ELAN VALLEY, Festival/Gathering


A Non-Event! The Pigs confiscated all the bands' equiptment and all sound equiptment on the roads leading to the festival, it turned out to be a non- music gathering of about 200-250 people. It rained and never stopped raining from Friday through to Monday.

PEN-Y-BONT SITE. Si's Birthday. 8.8.93.

We turned up at Pen-y-Bont site on Si's birthday to play. Me and Rick were still on site at Donnington, As we got there we noticed everybody was Rat-Arsed pissed! A stage was set up on an old trailer chassis. Moggs was totally cabbaged and fell asleep in his trailer which was directly opposite the stage. People started cheering for us to play so we dragged Moggs out of his trailer and propped him up on stage, He sat down and strummed all fourstrings of his Bass throughout the set until he fell asleep again! The set was abysmal, Nightmare, out of time, It was like a mix of all the songs at once, Who cared people loved it! Someone dove on my back knockin' my face into the mic which exploded into bits,fell to the floor and someone pogoed on top of it. I'd had enough and buggered off to a friends trailer. Rick got into a fight, Moggs fell asleep and it was Si's birthday, The only one sober at the end of the night, trying to keep it together!

WHITEGATE WAY SITE (2nd time round) Late 1993

SUMMARY: Couldn't hear vocals....Disaster!

Gaffer had joined the band as second Guitarist which boosted morale and sound values. He was the original KURU : SLACK BABBATH Guitarist who had left for personal reasons.Well it had been raining all day. Scouse Mike set up his bar. That night we were in Northwhich buying a Bass bin for Moggs. We got back at half four, set up, 10.45pm we went on, starting with Simon doing his version of 'NewYork' which was applauded and jeered at and he got a few cans thrown at him! At that time people were getting restless to see the band, shouting "GET ON WITH IT!" So we burst right into a new song : 'RYAN'.Which grabbed everybody. Everyone loved it right to the end 'THE WORLD STANDS SLEEPING' was next, Halfway through Si's drum pedal snapped which rendered him useless. It took him 20 minutes to fix it, which only lasted for half a song and snapped again. We carried on for a few more songs, Si using the floor tom early 'Discharge' style then gave up 2 songs after a good start turned into disaster. Simon kept the bar full of lairy bastards sweet with his love for crap songs!


SUMMARY: A Good Outlet

We'd been out all day buying better equiptment, After all the dissapointment we thought 'This one will be good'. We set up. Simon sang his clowned version of 'MY WAY' . People loved it, him dressed up in his Pimp outfit. We did the set, an improvised version of the latter gig. People loved it, surprise and shock and a good all-round sound. We played again later on totally drunk. I was totally drained after that stripped of every bit of stress, anger and energy.

Recording 1st Demo 08.01.94

The demo was recorded live in the "Co-op Studios in Lancaster, thanks to Tom: "Doctor And The Crippins". Cheap as you like just like the sound, raw and noisy. We spent the night drinking around Lancaster town then stayed over at Carls squat.

The Golden Ball Wigan 08.04.94

We set off in Beth's van up the motorway to Wigan, set up and sound checked...it sounded o.k. we borrowed an organ amp to amplify the bass drum and a posh AKG mic. This was the first gig this pub had since it was busted by armed pigs years before and was open on trial basis, it was ten minutes to nine and we was scheduled to play at nine o`clock, there was only ten people in the pub including the band, our crowd must of run into problems getting there so we went on and tuned up, yes we always had tuning problems....tune up, sound check, leave the guitars for five minutes and they was out of tune again. Just then our crowd arrived about forty of them which packed this tiny pub right out. Simon intoduced the band singing "New York" Frank Sinatra style just to piss people off but they loved it........Simon was our mascot, backin vocalist, original Hersham boy and human sheild, he`d test the water at every gig with his funny songs and if they didnt like the band ....they`d kill him first then Rick would kill everybody including himself. The set went well, there was a handfull of dancers and a tramp called Eric who had fallen asleep on the top of a heater and almost caught fire his trousers were steaming and stunk the whole place out, jeez! he smelled like a shit spreader. Anyway everyone enjoyed the gig, we got payed a crate of bear and i was the only one who stayed sober to drive the truck home. Later we was trying to get the truck everyone came along in tow started with a seven and half ton D series recovery lorry as the starter motor was fucked, it was twelve midnight in the middle of the A49, the truck belonged to Angus who later got stressed out with his sons mother and kicked the windscreen out! and guess who was supposed to drive it????...me! It was freezing cold and began to hailstone. Thirty miles down the M6 without a windscreen in a hailstorm wrapped up like an Arab, Angus was hiding under the bulkhead in the cab as the hail felt like buckshot, everytime a truck passed it sent a wave of black mush into my eyes and was blinded for a few seconds on the motorway. As we pulled off the motorway onto the A556 we got pulled over by the pigs, no Tax, no M.O.T., no insurance and no windscreen carrying about thirty people in the back of the lorry including the tramp called Eric, but the pigs wished me luck horrified to see me covered in black mud and frozen to the bone, if they wanted to see my documents i would of opened the back of the truck and hell would of been unleashed, they would of had to deal with the biggest bunch of pissed lairy bastards they had ever seen including the tramp called Eric... the trampfather of all tramps who`d of filled his trousers again by then. As we neared site another pig car looked as though it was going to pull us over probably noticed we had no windscreen so i pulled off the rubber suround and flicked on the whipers.........they saw the whipers on and drove away, when i got back i was blue and numb with cold.

Last Of The Millennium, Hulme Manchester 01.06.94

SUMMARY: Well organised event. Excellent day.

We heard we could play but had to blag our way on, Borrowing stage passes after numerous blags and futile attempts to persuade the stage crew to let us play. It was a well organised event. Funk, Rock, Jazz and African Dance bands, an event opposing the demolition of hundereds of Hulme squats. The stage was made from the ruins of the flats. 9 staircases and tons of rubble holding the stage floor secure. We got 20 minutes to play, 10 of which was spent fixing a broken amplifier. We managed to stretch the time to do 3 songs, The last song 'RED EYES', the mic I was singing through got destroyed which upset the P.A. Engineer. A few people were upset that the stage crew refused to let us play for longer and a few tempers flared but later calmed under the influence of a crate of ale laid on for playing thanks to 'Iggy'.



We set off in Vicki's van the day before, Travelling 200 miles from Whitchurch to London (Hackney). Everyone was at a gig down in Stoke Newington. We got there after a long bus ride and a big reunion of old friends. Martin got on to the bus, instead of paying his fare, opened his jacket and showed the inspector his Lancashire Rose, The inspector agreed he didn't have to pay his fare! The gig was packed to the hilt, it was like going back 10 years, the punk scene wouldn't change in London in a hundred years. 'DREAD MESSIAH', 'INDECENT EXPOSURE', 'STRICHNENE D.C.', Excellent gig! Then someone in the pub tried ripping the slot machine off, the Police were called in and all hell broke loose. The police were beating up an arresting anyone. More and more Police were turning up in vans, it was chain reaction of Pig Violence and unlawful arrest, people trying to save others getting arrested and beaten up. I managed to save one girl from arrest who was trying to save her boyfriend who was trying to save his friend and so on and so on...Fuckin' Crazy!!! We managed to get back to the squatted British Telecom buildings where we parked the van, taunted most of the way by following Riot wagons. We managed to evade the police by storming into another pub where bands were playing, Luckily enough I bumped into a few friends from my hometown who gave us a lift back to the B.T. buildings. We slept on the van floor. The next morning at 6a.m. David was escorted from Stokey nick, Handcuffed to get his medication, surprisingly not many people noticed, everybody split up the night before so the day was spent finding each other and sorting out a stage to play on.The Festival was in it's early stages of setting up, everything was turning up, stalls, stages. Trapeze acts. We were meant (or rumour had it) that we were playing "THE REKNAW" Stage, we checked it out and found we obviously wasn't! We tried The "BLAGGERS" stage, they said maybe...but had to hang around the stage all day and then "maybe" we could play, what with all this going on, "I don't think so", the rest of the day went on... What a day!!. We heard that we could play later on in the B.T. buildings, they were holding a party there. After The festival the Pigs felt left out and started trouble trying to stop people in the park from getting to the B.T. buildings, Fighting broke out. At the B.T. buildings things were building up, more and more people turned up and the place started to get packed. One sound system was being set up for a rave. We were awaitng the arrival of a drum kit borrowed from 'DREAD MESSIAH'. Inside at this time some other band had set up and started playing, we started setting up our equiptment behind them to play next , when they finished we plugged in only to find another sound system had set up and started playing right next to us! We argued about playing, they said we could play for half an hour, by this time I just wanted to beat this guy senseless. Any arguement with sound couldn't work with our 100 watt amps to their 5k rig. We played for 3/4 hour, the place was packed, a good 1 1/2 thousand people in this place. The dancing went into a frenzy and fighting broke out, bottles smashed over peoples heads, women fighting, some lad at the front was causing most of it. He was then beaten up and dragged out! A mat was thrown over the broken glass so people didn't land on it. Then I saw this huge hair ball roll past me like a tumble weed! some poor fuckers' hair had been pulled out and blew accross the floor. After the set I needed water badly, The rave cranked up and so did the one in the far hall, The whole place was moving, I struggled past dancers headed for the toilet only to find no water in the taps. I tried the stalls and some crazy bastard locked me in there, it took me a while to get out, when i did I found the guy who'd locked me in being held on the floor going bezerk by 3 people, What the Fuck had he had?.. I pushed my way out amongst the rows of Ecstacy and acid casualties into the fresh air then buggered off!



SUMMARY: Some men really like dressing up as women!

This started off to be a small party in the afternoon with people getting drunk dressing up in bizzare clothes, Simon in his striking Pimp outfit boogying on down with women dressed as glamorous bar slags from Mars and Lads dressed in drag to Disco and Motown! We later set up and bashed out the set pogoeing around a blazing fire, I could feel my face burning and smell singed hair, The fire was so big and so close. Someone pogoed onto the fire later on. Two static trailers were getting demolished in the heat of the party, people being used as human battering rams flying through the walls. Lots of beer and a good ole' night with some hysterical people knocking about! The party went on right through the night.



It took us three whole months to get this gig with the "BANNED NETWORK" due to the fact that in their eyes "Travellers meant trouble". We used most of the other bands gear with Ricks' Marshall. The line up was "KURU", "SOUL DRAIN", and "CYPHERBUG". Local bands from Northwhich, we were to play first due to the fact that "CYPHERBUG" and "SOUL DRAIN" had the same drummer who had to play in an orchestra in school! He wouldn't be back till 9pm. 8pm, we went on, starting with the intro " WHERE THERE'S SMOKE" about site attitudes, people started going wild, dancing and stage diving. It was a good atmosphere, we played for 3/4 of an hour, a good show, the organisers were so impressed they wanted us to play again after "CYPHERBUG" we agreed and brought the house into a dancing frenzy Broken glasses and furniture we finished off with "THE BLOOD" a song reversing the tables of time of the witch hunts, Everyone exploded, everyone on and off stage ending in cheers and shaking hands in appreciation. I headed for the toilets to run my head under the tap for a few minutes, the organisers wanted us to stick around for a while and put us on at other venues but unfortunatley being travellers we had to move on. We hung around for ages later. Truly a good night.

(Earlier that summer we asked a member of some Metal band if we could play gigs with them as being a traveller club gigs were hard to come by, anyway he came out with some bullshit about them being a well known, well liked band and that we was not worthy of the shit on his boots, what!? i just wanted to crucify this wank-bag and kill all the faggot goblin maggots who was with him. Later at the gig I saw that Fat Bastard dancing to us like a hippo on a treadmill, fat peice of shit! hahaar!!)


PENNYPOT WOOD SITE 08.08.94. Si's Birthday

We set up on site out of the back of an 'A Series' truck, close to a bombed out surrounded fire. People drunk, few danced. The sound was dreadful, couldn't hear the drums so the timing was all over the place. Gaffs' amp was broke so he had to play through the P.A. channel which gave him a bad sound. We finished off with Simon (KURU's Slick ass chick charmer) Singing 'QUEEN' songs well into the night!! only it being Si's birthday we wouldn't have played!



This place was huge, a massive building with three or four halls most of them which had raves going on in them. When we got there the place was already packed with thousands of people, we hung around drinking and finding out who was playing and when bumping into people we hadn't seen for years we heard "THE TOFU LOVE FROGS" were playing first at 2am then "DREAD MESSIAH" played and brought everyone in a moshin' mood bashin' and thrashin'. Well, we were ready to play. Brin looked at his watch and told me I was late for work! It was 6.30am when we tuned up for a good old bash. Gaffer had left the band a few days earlier due to personal indifferences which left us with with one guitarist so everyone had to give a little bit extra to fill in that gap. It wsa a good show. A cover of "SHAM 69's" 'HURRY UP HARRY' brought every one to the dance floor, We broke the ice, we played 'til gone 8 o'clock by then I was tired and needed a drink, in my coat pocket was 2 cans of beer alongside an A.K.G. Microphone, when i looked someone had stolen the beer and left the microphone, whoever stole the beer did`nt rate the mic. Outside it was broad daylight, Hundreds of drunk people were still partying and having fun. One girl obviously well drunk kept showing her tits and to whoever commented on it she would punch them in the face. We stayed at Brios house and went home late that night.



We headed off to London at 4.30pm that monday. We parked the car outside Ray's house in Stamford Hill and got the bus from there to 'The Robey'. On the bus Gaff (who had just joined the band again) realised he had forgot his guitar and amp and decided to go back to Stamford Hill to fetch them. The Robey was empty apart from a handfull of Irish Beerdrinkers watching the Irish channel on Sky T.V. I bought a drink and played pool until the rest of the band and bands turned up. The line up was KURU, "DREAD MESSIAH", and "GROWTH" to play last. We sound checked then hung around in the dressing room till the doors opened. We went on, tuned up and played. Simon was dragged off the stage by the P.A. man who must've thought he was some lairy dancer, He was waiting to sing "HURRY UP HARRY"! After we played, "DREAD MESSIAH" hit the stage to bring the crowd into a raging mosh, then later "GROWTH". We met friends from Ireland and stood around the bar to share good times and drink lots of beer. A lad from Ireland was telling me i was good on the guitar that night and was pretty impressed with my little finger work (??)He didn't realise I sing not guitar! probably thought I was Gaff who stands nearly a foot taller than me. We head off back to Ray's house in Stamford Hill to get the last bus us and about 20 others. The bus turned up and refused to let us on then drove away! Dick from "CITIZEN FISH/ SUBHUMANS" started complaining to me about civil rights and how buses were 'our' public service. I told him "we're always treated like shit and somethings never change" ...we all walked back!

Squat Dairy Stoke Newington 19.11.96

Rick had just got back from Belgium with a bad bout of tonsilitis. Gaff had left the band for good. It turned out that we were not playing at the gig. I started to play guitar and sing to fill in for the absent Gaff and needed many hours of practice. Gaff had sold his amps and effects to a music shop. I walked in there shortly after and paid over the odds to get them back. the band was now to take on a different style, Everyone must give a little more effort or me playing guitar would be pointless.


Everyone on site had had a pretty good Christmas and to top it all off we got it together to go London for New Year from Pennypot in Canterbury. We set off in Vicki's van in the early evening about a 2 and 1/2 hours and endless pissing in an old water butt in the corner. We got there, At Irish Al's house, after an Indian, few beers and the occasional line of Charlie, hit the pub where we met old friends, new friends, old ex blue friends and heard that there was another party night at the squat in Kings Cross. So after we brought in the new year, The Auld lang syne and snogged everyone we could get our hands on in as short time as possible, hit the road for the bus to Caledoneon Road, We got the bus part of the way and walked the rest. When we got there the gates to the place was crowded with people mostly trying to get in for free. We saw one guy obviously trying his best to organise the gates, guest lists and Bands turning up, we told him amongst the pushing and shoving we were one of the bands playing that night, He wanted some proof, he'd been blagged lots of times this night. Then some spotty fat punky type started throwing his weight around trying to get in, knocking people around suddenly tried to knock 'Spence' around but Spence drilled him and his mates into the floor with a flurry of Scottish Haymakers! (Nice One!) Suddenly someone started shouting for "KURU" through the gates, we all got in but by then people were climbing over the fence, up the building everywhere to get in! It was more packed than ever, Raves going on here and there and the band stage at the back of the buildings. We got drunk! well drunk!, bands played all night through to the morning, people danced, partied, played and drunk some more. It was a good atmosphere. By the time we got to play it was at least 9o'clock in the morning. there were people who had waited up all night to see us play and Christ! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!? What a cock up! a pathetic waste of time! Rick was too drunk, Moggs couldn't stand up he had to lie on the floor with his bass, Rick had borrowed probably the worst guitar ever manufactured (Telecaster) and a piece of shit that looked like an enormous door stop fuzzbox, probably Christ's very own which made that stringed piece of driftwood sound like a fucked up stringed piece of driftwood! (Excuse me while I just puke out my life.....) i hate Fender guitars. We kicked off with a couple of songs that i hadn't heared before, what sounded to me like The Fall rehearsals at the wrong speed, i didn't know when the song i was singing to was going to change suddenly into something else which it frequently did. That was it! I sat on the bass drum and sang or mumbled "THE BLOOD" to a bunch of drunk people who usually dance to any old shit, but oh no! not to this! Rick must have played the song three times in the space it took us to play it once, He was playing it three times as fast as any of us whilst Moggs was peeping over the drums from a half slumber to see what the fuck he was playing at! AAAAGHHH!.....Fuck to it! I walked off "Adios amigo's" Fuck that, Kapput!, Yup! Up yer fuckin arse! If I never hear that horrible noise again it would be too soon! Fender guitars should all be fuckin' burnt!!! Leave the Fenders to the country and western lovers!