Mike's Biography

Mike started tattooing in November 2002.

Mike had aquired a phone number of a guy (Mark) whos father made tattoo machines, back then the tattoo industry survived on secrecy, so getting hold of a real machine was like finding the holy grail. At the time Mike was lodging in his friends (Rik) appartment in north Warrington. Mike travelled to Sheffield to see this guy who sold machines and bought a small set up from him (all cloak and dagger style). The months that prevailed, Mike and Rik tattooed the Hell out of each other, they had a little guidance from Tony, Riks neighbor, who was a retired tattooist of 18 years. At the time Mike was a sprinkler fitter and worked around the country on contract, but at the weekend Mike and Rik were north Warrington tattooers, who were backlogged with bookings every weekend, At this time tattoos were still classed as taboo and far from mainstream like they are today. 2 years later Mike moved to Cheltenham area which was host to an amazing tattoo convention, "Mantra Tattoo Convention". and at this point he started taking tattooing seriously, he met artists from the "Industry", saw their quality of work and gaped in awe at at this lifestyle, he sat and chatted with the artists for hours, watching them, filming every detail with an old camcorder. The following year he moved back to Warrington where his friend Rik was still tattooing and had another lodger Dave, who soon climbed aboard our pirate ship of art and wonder. Rik taught Dave the basic fundamentals of tattooing. In 2005 it was time to open a tattoo shop, Mike was making more money in a weekend than he was in 5 weekdays being contracted as a sprinkler fitter around the country, so in March 2007 he opened Urban Tattoo in an urban area of north Warrington. Later that year he offered a full apprenticeship to a friend Chris, who worked at Urban Tattoo for 6 years, then trained up Rod, then Keith, who worked there for 5 years, and Hannah, who has worked there for 2 years until present day. Twenty years of tattooing, almost sixteen years at Urban Tattoo.


How long have you been tattooing? 20 years

What is your favourite style? Portraits

When did you get your first professional tattoo? 1989

What music do you mostly listen too? Mostly underground music

What is your favourite movie? Black cat white cat

Who is your favourite book author? Conrad Jones

Where will you be in 10 years? Thailand