Tattoo Machines By Coyney

All machines, all but the screws and coins made by Coyney.
Each machine is custom made to suit the job at hand whether it be a basic liner, shader or colour machine, or cutback liner, long throw, short throw, fast or slow.
soarcing the best materials here in the UK, pure iron coil cores, pure copper contact screws, the lowest carbon steel for the frames, brass posts and antique coins. Built by a UK tattooer with 15 years experience.. Having spent tens of thousands of pounds on machines in my career and always having to change the way i tattoo to suit the machine i thought i would use my fabricating and machinist skills to make a range of machines that suit the job.. To make a liner put a line down with ease, to make a shader put in shades smoothly and fast with a round or flat, to put colour in solid and silky without too much healing time.

Tattoo machines also made to your custom spec

Special coil cores 99.9% pure iron which thoroughly demagnetize at the end of each cycle. (Some suppliers will

advertise their coils as pure iron but in reality they are really low carbon steel, the give away is a dropping in duty and the machine sounds like its labouring after prolonged use. Pure iron is not readily available these days

and is difficult to come by, expensive and difficult to machine and put into production, my coil cores are Pure Iron smelted from pure iron ore).


Tattoo machine tuning and machine restoring available

Custom coils made to order

Prices start at £150.

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White powder and gold machine

Coyney liner clear 2ohm coils

colour shader

custom liner


Mule Liner

2017 cutback liner

nicely weighted, run at low volts, 2ohm coils, have quite a punch and keep working all day,

i use a few of these daily with a latched pedal and will drive 11RL and even loose RS

Coyney tattoo machines